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This is the type of pickup line that works in almost any situation.

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Therefore, they produce the best results when they are catered to individual women.If you're playing the eye-contact game with a girl across the room already, this is a perfect line to use.Make eye contact back and forth teasingly for a few minutes.This pickup line, when executed correctly can work wonders. So, it's best to make sure you're not interrupting an important conversation or taking her away from something important before saying it.Without any hesitation, come up and ask for her 'advice' on what women think are the worst pickup lines.To avoid the latter, you’ll want to use a pickup line that makes her laugh with you, not at you.

There is no one ‘best pickup line’ but there are many that are best for certain situations and for certain men.

From there, she'll likely say "Thank you" and tell you something about the object she commented on.

This tactic works even better if you know a thing or two about the item you are complimenting.

If you already know her name, this pickup line is an easy way to get the conversation rolling. Someone said you were looking for me." She'll likely answer 'no' and from there you can start the flirting game.

Just respond with ' Oh, anyways, how is your night going." It's an easy way to get her talking without coming on too strongly.

If you're feeling confident try pulling this one off.