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9 – A ‘relog’ (logging out of second Life and then back in again) will fix any griefing problems.

Some 2,000 young women set up a tent city outside the San Diego Convention Center on Tuesday, sleeping rough so that they could attend the Thursday panel on It's just another sign of the massive popularity of vampires. You'll see vampires who manage nightclubs, build computer databases, work as private investigators, go to prep school, lobby Congress, chat with humans, live near humans, have sex with humans, and pine over humans, but the one thing you won't see them do is suck the blood of humans. Leaving aside the fact that he's a 90-year-old man, this is what stalkers do, not boyfriends.Having a male shape will enable you to get through those first few hours without feeling hassled.8 – Be wary of offers that you receive for items and group invitations, especially those that are sitting and waiting for you the minute you first appear in Second Life.4 – The first place you teleport to after leaving Help Island when you first arrive will be the place that is set as your Home location, until you change it.You can only set your Home location at a Linden Lab infohub, or to certain areas in certain groups that allow it when you are a member of that group.It will appear at the bottom of the viewer, under the place where you type your name to login.

Change it to ‘Home’, or type in the name of any sim in Second Life (it’s handy to have a few names of quiet sims to choose from at moments like this, so if you find one, note it down somewhere).

Impersonating a Linden is an Abuse-Reportable offence, so if someone makes this claim (especially if they are threatening you with it) and they are lying, right-click their avatar and select ‘Report Abuse’ from the pie menu (you may have to dig down a bit for it), or you can choose Report Abuse from the Help menu of your viewer.

3 – If you feel at all uncomfortable, then simply teleport away.

eg: if you join the New Citizens Inc (NCI) group – a newbie-helping organisation – you can set your Home to one of their campuses.

5 – Following on from #3 and #4 the quickest way to teleport to your Home location is the keyboard shortcut CTRL SHIFT H.

The only offers you should consider accepting at first are ones that are clearly from people such as the ‘Help People!