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There I was standing a meter away from my mom, steamy, dripping wet and completely naked with my hard cock pointing towards her.I suddenly jumped to my senses and startled my mother, who was as paralyzed as I was before I jumped.

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I asked what mom wanted and she replied she wanted the toothpaste. I stretched to hand her the toothpaste while holding on the the shower door and in doing so, the towel loosened and fell to the floor. My cock was extremely erect and it flicked up into the air and slapped against my naval as the towel fell.On a normal Friday afternoon, I sat at my computer feeling unusually aroused, after spending a normal week at college (but of course with all those arousing young women walking around the school, at the beginning of their sexual awakenings) when I decided to experiment with the idea of not masturbating for the entire week.The idea behind this was that I had masturbated pretty much everyday for the past 3 or 4 years and hadn't really ever thought of just stopping for a week.I put my pyjamas on and decided to have an early night to calm my sex drive.I opened the bathroom door and saw my sexy mother walking towards me. "No." I replied, "I'm sorry for what you saw though mom." "As long as you're not upset, I didn't mind" she said. I brushed it off and she kissed me on the cheek and tapped my chest with the palm of her hand.Her body was amazing and it had taken so long for me to realize.

There wasn't an imperfection anywhere on her body, beautifully tanned all over, but not too much.

It was beginning to stretch upwards to make a pants tent.

I glanced across at my mom who, to my absolute surprise, was staring rather intently down at my crotch area with wide eyes.

My mom hadn't had any male contact (as far as I knew) for 13 odd years.

I started to think about this and amazed myself with the fact that my arousal wasn't going away at all, in fact it was growing stronger, thinking about my mother's sex life!

She was 43 years old and about as tall as I was (5'8") with nice soft-looking blonde hair and bright green eyes.