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And if something goes wrong, the school can also be a bridge supporting parents and supporting the child.We are also aware that according to a recent study conducted here in Việt Nam, around 40 per cent of the children have suffered some form of online abuse.

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Some bad people can entice the children to join activities that violate the law, such as working in the sex trade, transporting and trading heroin, or they can sexually abuse the children.When we look at normal use of the Internet, what we need are children to be aware if they become victims of malicious content.If someone wants to bully them online, if someone wants to sexually harass them or ask them to do things they don’t want.Recently one more risk appeared, it is child sexual abuse in tourism.In the future, it is sure that more risks will appear.The latest statistics updated by among countries having the highest Internet users level with more than 49 million Internet users, 52 per cent of the whole population. Việt Nam News reporters Thu Trang and Khánh Dương talk to youth experts and parents about how to protect children using the Internet on the occasion of Việt Nam’s Action Month for Children (June). Marta Santos Pais, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General on Violence against Children Online abuse through the Internet, mobile phones and tablets is becoming more and more prevalent.

In fact, Asia is probably the region where things are growing with the greatest speed.

And some people use that information to go to the door of the school and try to talk to that child and say I’m a friend of your parents or your family, I would like to take you because I will help you go home, taking advantage of the innocence of the child.

Stefan Stoyanov, Technical Expert Trafficking and Migration of Terre Des Hommes in Asia, an organisation working to stop child exploitation I think there are two aspects when we talk about online child protection.

Taking advantage of the internet to threaten and put pressure on the children will lead to serious consequences on their psychology, health and education.

In which ways can children be protected from online dangers?

There’s basic advice like putting the computer in the living room where people can see what is happening on the screen, these are basic things but very useful .