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Our “Get to Your Goal” calculator is an easy way to see how long it could take you.

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And something about committing to a partner makes men more virile economically: Married guys actually earn between 10% and 40% more than single men with similar education and job histories.But if your heart rate goes up every time he opens his wallet or unveils another new “toy,” it’s time for a talk. Your first goal should be to communicate that his habits make you uncomfortable. While opposites do attract, and this needn’t spell doom, having vastly different worldviews when it comes to your finances can cause friction. Take a pair of married friends we know: “She has no concept of what a budget even means!Maybe you’re the spender and your partner saves, or vice versa. ” he’ll rail when he discovers yet another shopping bag.Happily, building assets together, researchers say, is one way to grow closer as a couple. sweeten and solidify the ties between spouses,” says the National Marriage Project, “by minimizing any sense of financial unease that couples feel, with the result that they experience less conflict.” Most of us are already on the same page about this one.In a “Couples & Money” survey by TD Ameritrade, women said their top two biggest financial dealbreakers in a relationship were bankruptcy (42%) and foreclosure (32%).blind—and never more than when it comes to our money.

But how do you keep from choosing a dubious financial partner while falling head over heels?

The researchers chalk it up to the fact that there’s still more societal pressure on men to be the breadwinners. Researchers have found that getting married improves your fortune in more ways than one.

First, there are economies of scale (two can live more cheaply than one, and each specializes in what he or she is good at—like fixing a computer or changing a light bulb, so you can save on hiring someone to do the task.) But there’s also something about committing to a life together that has a halo effect on your finances.

“Consumer debt is an equal-opportunity marriage destroyer,” according to a 2009 report by the National Marriage Project.

“It does not matter if couples are rich or poor, working class or middle class.

What You Can Do: Only you can answer whether marriage matters to you.