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I have sat through matches clutching at my seat, silently cursing a referee for an unjust call or screamed to the top of my lungs at a scored goal.

Heck he could do no wrong when he’s simply dressed for soccer practice.He could take me anywhere, anytime, any way he wants.Many studies show that athletes make the best lovers because they are so in touch with their body.Before you delve into this piece, know that it is not one about the woes of being the figure in the background, the girl having to snap the photos of fans clutching her man in infatuated bliss.No, this is about being the woman behind the athlete. Not just those recognized by the public, glorified for the belts they’ve brought home or championships they have won.But if you can get through the triviality that surrounds you, whether negative or positive, and learn to focus on what is real, then you will probably outlast many. This teaches you not just about your partner, but about yourself as well.

In the end, I can list down many reasons to date, marry, dump, be with, or not be with an athlete.

I am not saying that athletes are the only interesting men around, but really, let’s be serious… There is something so sexy about seeing that body being used to its full potential.

Pink faced and sweaty or in my case, even muddy, is the biggest turn on, no aphrodisiacs necessary.

In my case, I have spent the last 12 years of my life with a footballer. or alone in a cold, sanitized room patiently awaiting news from a surgeon.

I have watched him break, snap, crack, fracture, tear and rip more times than I can count. I have seen him cry over silly things like his team winning a world cup championship or difficult realities such as a stolen chance at a victory over a missed goal.

Friendship Another important factor to a relationship is friendship.