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Initially, BAF was formed with all officers and airmen of Bengali origin serving in the Pakistan Air Force prior to the war.At that time, the embryo of Bangladesh Air Force BAF was formed with less than a hundred officers and a quite good number of airmen and warrant officers.

Squadron Leader Khademul Bashar participated in the war as Commander-Sector 6.Bangladesh Air Force first went in action on 3 December 1971 and attacked the Chittagong-based Oil tank depot and oil tank depot was totally destroyed by that air attack. which was to take advantage of the lack of night-fighting capability of the PAF to launch hit-and-run attacks on sensitive targets inside Bangladesh from the air.The Bengali rank and file fixed up the World War II vintage runway at Dimapur, then began rigging the aircraft for combat duty.Out of 11 BDF Sectors, the most tactically significant sector, the Central Sector - Sector 11, was in command of a BAF officer including Sector 6.A significant number of BAF personnel participated in the Bangladesh War of Independence.Even the Recruits’ Training School (RTS) has been awarded with BAF Colours by ex-Chief of Air Staff (AVM Fakhrul Azam) in 2004.

The Bangladesh Air Force has an ambitious modernisation plan to be implemented in upcoming years under Forces Goal 2030.

The Bangladesh Air Force was officially formed at the Sector Commanders Conference during its independence war from Pakistan in 1971.

Its official date of formation has been established as 28 September 1971 and it was launched formally by the Government on 8 October 1971.

Below are a list of some notable participants: Group Captain A K Khandker PAF-BAF – Was assigned as the Deputy Chief of Staff at the end of July 1971 under Lieutenant Colonel Abdur Rab who remained in Comilla during the war.

His primary responsibility consisted of liaison with local Indian officials and defence personnel at Kalyani, Calcutta.

The helicopter was rigged to fire 14 rockets from pylons attached to its side and had .303 Browning machine guns installed, in addition to having 1-inch (25 mm) steel plate welded to its floor for extra protection.