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Bethel church dating site

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Some would perhaps grant that in small churches or ministries, a single pastor can work or at least be a necessary liability.I recall meeting the executive pastor of a nationally known church who didn’t know much about Bethel Church. As an adult single in the Christian dating scene, it is frightening to see how little concern there generally is about sexual purity.

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” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Let me ask you, do you have the gift of celibacy? ” He went on to say that the marital status of the pastor doesn’t matter because it’s God Word that matters, not whether the person who is saying it is married or not. It was when I became a senior pastor that I sort of became a pastoral freak. ” I have written a defense of singleness and ministry that is available online here, so I won’t go over it again other than to say, from my experience, there are massive advantages to being single in pastoral ministry.My singleness was the object of much humor in the church and the Senior Pastor, Kimber Kauffman, took every opportunity to mock me in his sermons.It didn’t bother me as I viewed it as free advertising.It has aggravated me to see guys I’m pretty sure haven’t prayed at all about it land a wonderful wife. It slowly becomes a kind of dreamy obsession as much as you don’t want it to be. To make marriage and companionship and sexual freedom and family so desirable that it actually gets in the way of getting married? But I have tried my best to approach this rightly and in the grand picture, God is sovereign and his plan for me was 44 years of singleness and now I’m beginning a wonderful new chapter with this wonderful Christian woman he has brought into my life.I want to say, singles, don’t waste your singleness; and married folks, don’t waste your marriage. The unusual circumstances of my marriage give me an opportunity to say some important things.

This coming Saturday I will marry the love of my life, Miss Jennifer Terrell.

Many people have had the misunderstanding that my singleness was somehow related to a monkish vow of ministry or that I was so focused on Jesus that I had no interest in women or marriage.

To the contrary, I have had my marriage radar on high alert since I went to college.

Over the years of my singleness, I have grown to appreciate the unique blessings and challenges of adult Christian singleness.

These challenges are often overlooked in the church and I have one last chance to write about them as an insider, before I become one of those married pastors telling singles how they should feel.

Marriage is a charisma and singleness is a charisma. I’ve never seen a party thrown for someone choosing to remain single, but we’ve all been to parties for people choosing to get married. He designed it and instituted it in Genesis : ” (Genesis ), so God created Eve from Adam suiting her to him. This is what Paul highlights as he argues for singleness as a valid marital status. But a married man is concerned about the affairs of this world—how he can please his wife—and his interests are divided…I am saying this for your own good, not to restrict you, but that you may live in a right way in undivided.” (1 Corinthians -33, 35 NIV) This is a realistic life assessment from the apostle.