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Boonex dating template

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This script new is GPLdate (a free version Dolphin 5.3) The old script ...This project involves taking the attached template ([url removed, login to view]) and modding it so that is compatible with this template.([url removed, login to view]) Basically old template ([url removed, login to view]) has to be programmed to run on a script that uses this ([url removed, login to view]) template.

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– Charge membership fees and integrate with different payment providers. – A lot customers have been asking to bring in a kick ass Boonex Dolphin community script / template .Is it enough for me to select a community site template ? Yes , all you need to do is select a Template you would like to use for your community site . They will install the Dolphin social networking module attached to the template you have chosen and give you access to the Admin panel . – We ran through a variety of Boonex Dolphin templates in the market and this seemed the best .You can check how the admin panel will look here ( Username : admin , Password : dolphin ) Hey I like the idea . – Boonex Dolphin templates are truly a money making products which the Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples life .– You’re backed by a choice of hundreds of extensions and a community of over 100,000 webmasters.– Dolphin is constantly updated, keeping a few steps ahead of the competition.Its been developed and tested over time by thousands of developers and its really advanced !

So the only thing required is to design a good template .

You can select a particular product you would like to promote from these affiliate providers ( Eg : Super bowl 2013 merchandise , Super bowl tickets , Super bowl accommodations etc. For each person you refer from your site and a sale happening , you get a part of the commission .

What are the killer features available in this product ?

This script new is GPLdate (a free version Dolphin 5.3) The old script is aewebwo...- implement search engine friendly URLs from all pages; I will specify up to 5 profile fields;so the sef url will be like [url removed, login to view] - in the profile display page modify the meta description in the header with profile description and meta data keywords with profile fields values - create a php script to display all sef urls in a page so that we can submit to google sitemaps - ... Objectives : - design for a new online game (virtual pets) - 50 pets and after 5 pets / months We need realist pets (dog, cat, shark, dolphin, butterfly ...) and not realist (dragon, licorne ...). All pets must have 5 layers : - 1 for lineart - 1 for shadow - 1 for The first color - 1 for the second color - 1 for the third co...

I have currently got a large friends website (based on dating software) I have set up a new site based on the Boonex Dolphin software.

* Paid or free community sites, closed or open social networks, matchmaking or dating sites…