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Dating benalmadena spain

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) because it used to have live jazz, but I couldn’t find it. The U3A might be interesting, although when I thought of doing a computing course there the level was very basic. That is what the forum is best at - letting all know the myriad of possibilites on every topic under the sun Just an add on…On the other hand, maybe I could volunteer to give a course, perhaps on blogging, or Macs or Linux, or open-source software in general. It’s definitely el ordenador, by the way, although in Miami, where I’ve been living, it’s la computadora. ) As far as I know they still have the jazz nights too. The nearest you ‘might’ get me is the Teatro Cervantes. Perhaps best avoid the internet dating sites, inc those ones where you put a lineage ad in a paper/feebie and set up a voice mail box.

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No apology, no offer of another free insertion if I changed the ‘offending word’.(Bar Manila is a popular meeting point on the Paseo Maritimo in Los Boliches, altho personally ‘Not my cup of Tea’ (being a Brit Bar lol!Keep us updated Best Regards, SJ Hi SJ, You jogged my memory about another two bars when you said you’d never socialized in the city at night: - El Jardín, by the cathedral gardens, which used to be full of Spanish oldies singing along to coplas - ZZ Pub, which has rock music from about 11.30 pm, including a British or maybe Irish singer called Switch, who also used to sing in El Elefante, in Arroyo de la Mel. I went looking for Bar Manila (near the monument to the peseta, right?There was an advert in Sur in English for a singles group meeting I think in the Friend’s Bar, in the port. If not, the simple solution is to go and ask in every bar, which might be another way of meeting people.I don’t have a car to get to Fuengirola, but there are buses and trains, the last ones back to Málaga at 11.30 pm.So I’ve lost touch with people in Spain, or they’ve moved away, or they were my wife’s friends.

My Spanish is fluent, I’m outgoing, and I know from two previous divorces that the most important thing when you’re separated and living alone is to go out even when you don’t feel like it, instead of sitting at home moping.

) I live near Fuengirola and there is a great singles group (for anyone, but aged 50/60 I would say from the folk I have met.) I am sorry I do not have a contact number, but it is run by an Ex Pat (Swedish/Scandi? Although not officially a dating club, many people have paired off and found someone special.

) and they have a weekly evening meet in Fuengirola port. I guess ask around and see if you can get more info if interested.

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If you do find contact details for the groups that you’ve mentioned, please let me know.