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Dating boot camp los angeles

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David Kirsch agrees: "You learn what foods will get you up and about and which will make you slump on the sofa." The idea is that you go on a healthy food detox.The combination of healthy eating - fresh, organic, seasonal foods instead of processed and refined meals - and strenuous muscle-toning exercise will act as a cleanser for your body.

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Cut out all treats such as cakes, biscuits, crisps and chocolate - it is only for two weeks - and become a willpower hermit, putting your social life (and its associated temptations) on hold.• Don't overdo the fluids. • A lean, flat stomach calls for a healthy gut, so swap cold mineral water for warm herbal teas.The best thing is that after two weeks, you'll find crisps, chocolate and other unhealthy foods no longer seem appealing."Naturopaths have always said you are what you eat, but I believe exercise plays an important role in helping you to come to the right decisions about what to put in your body," says Max.Taking 200 micrograms with breakfast will also help to ease any hunger pangs.• For added fibre (essential to weight loss) and again to help keep you satiated, take a heaped teaspoon of psyllium husks in a full glass of water before lunch.Fruit salad is packed with energy-giving nutrients.• Portion control.

It's easy to overeat, especially with high protein meals.

"Crash dieting or starvation will only lead to weight gain down the line.

In the short term, you are likely to lose weight from all the wrong places - usually your face and breasts - rather than your thighs and tummy."Working on the basis of calorie expenditure exceeding intake, Max's golden rules for slimming safely include: •Kick-start your metabolism. Start skipping meals and your body will store the little food you do eat, often laying it down as fat rather than burning it immediately as a source of energy.

Aim to have it half an hour before you normally feel hungry. This includes packaged, processed or fried foods, white flour (including bread and pasta), alcohol and other stimulants such as coffee, tea and fizzy drinks.

Steer clear of saturated fats, not just animal fats, but hidden forms such as palm kernel oil found in ready-made meals, especially Thai food and fruit juice, which is packed with sugar.

• Eat organic fish and lean meat; eggs; poultry; brown rice; brown wheat-free, yeast-free bread; oats and quinoa.