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Dating differences in france

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It’s tough because as I said in the disclaimer, it’s related to my personal experience, and most of all, because Diane is American, and considering that aside from her and her family, I don’t know any American women well.

In the course of my relationship with Diane, as it was getting more and more serious, I noted something I wasn’t really expecting. Curious minds want to know what French guys think about all kinds of things, so today, my husband, Tom, is kicking off a new series called The Frenchman speaks: Ask Tom Tuesdays. I’m often asked what my husband thinks about American culture, food, the people and more.A lot of times (and I think this is particularly true in big cities, but not only in cities), French women seem to be colder on the outside, less open to conversing with strangers and don’t really show any interest.It often contrasts with the enthusiasm that American women can show towards the person they’re conversing with.I have to admit that I was surprised that American women (at least for the one I know best!

haha) don’t wear the same style of lingerie as French women.

Beyond what I just mentioned, I think the French standoffishness is a way for French women to keep that sense of being inaccessible precisely to be more desirable.

That behavior can be summed up by the French saying that translates to, “Follow me I will flee, flee from me, I will follow.” As a consequence, French women can often appear vain and haughty, carrying a I’m-too-good-for-you-face.

That’s not to say French women don’t tan or dye their hair, but it just seems to be more prevalent among American women.

Among the dress code for French women is the lingerie!

Even if French males are used to that, I must admit that it can be really tiring over time.