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Dating east coast women

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They will call and find a way to see you one on one.

However, most people I know also own a second UBER cool vintage car, ya know, just to drive to Malibu or take a Sunday drive. You can get sucked in, and never want to come out of this altered state of reality.This “drop-out” thing would be unheard of on the East Coast, but sometimes I think this non-education thing creates people who work and learn skills at an early age because they have to, and often have real world life skills than many of us who spend years and years in classes don’t have. I even remember wearing business suits out myself on dates to the Caucus Room or the top of some shishi hotel for some political party.Maybe I do really need to come home, but what I once found attractive I know longer do.Even some lobbyist or restaurant owner may get you juiced.Here in LA, we are not phased too much by anyone since we live, eat, and breathe the tabloid BS, and we often see it happening in front of our eyes at breakfast, the gym, our workplace, or the beach, before it even hits the silly tabloid mags and blogs. When you grow up in the North East, everyone around you is talking about what prep school, boarding school, Ivy League school, or prestigious college they would like you to attend. Often many generations attend the same school and it is an honor to continue that legacy because so and so’s grandfather has their name on the building. Having a master’s degree, Ph D, MBA is just an extra something to have under your belt.Let’s just say talking about world issues and politics is not what you typically hear at dinner conversations, more like drugs, threesomes, who is that sitting beside you, and what five parties can you hit in one night.

Long gone are the days when I lived in Washington, DC and a guy I went out with was thrilled I was a teacher because it would help his political career, if he married me. In Connecticut, where I was raised, tattoos were considered “bad” and something only naughty girls got.

You can get lost in the wilderness just a few minutes from the big city.

I have seen more sunsets in one year here than I did in ten on the East Coast.

It is not a work til you die kind of atmosphere out here. I have traveled all over the world and there are only few places that compare to the grandeur of California. If you don’t know the real LA and visit all the tourist traps when you come here, you will hate it.

You can go for a surf in the morning, and then hit the slopes in the afternoon.

Come visit LA LA Land always LIVING, LOVING, LEARNING…