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Dating for divorced indians

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People in India have this absurd notion that divorced women are damaged goods and that they should not get married again. It is important to know both sides of the story before arriving at any conclusion.

Mahua, an IT executive, says, Marriage is an equal responsibility. It forces you to take charge and start working on the traits of your personality that you want to change. Although women in this country are breaking new ground every day, the problem of male dominance is still prevalent in India.Doing the grind; performing well in the office, doing household chores and simultaneously taking care of the child.Managing all this and still coming out on top is what makes these women worth it.Since, there are so many social stigmas and family pressure attached to divorce, men prefer to take the easy way out.Take for example the matrimony section in any newspaper.Remarrying gives women a chance to restore their emotional stability and get some normalcy back into their lives. Money makes the world go round Financial stability is yet another reason why women remarry.

Having income coming from two sources is definitely better than one.

A divorced woman effectively becomes a social pariah, and she is not welcome by her own friends and family members. It takes a lot of effort and willpower to get back up and continue living life.

However, all this hate actually helps a woman find her true self and push her to become better in her own right and start living life on her own terms. There are times, after a divorce, during which a woman might suffer from severe episodes of depression.

The modern Indian woman is free of inhibitions and is ready to go out there and take the plunge all over again.

She is open to meeting new people, making new friends and getting emotionally involved, all of which often leads her to find the love of her life once again. A shoulder to lean on Divorce takes an adverse toll on the woman’s health, both mentally and physically.

They are very much open to the idea of remarriage and are willing to start afresh.