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At Cancer Survivor, you can create a free profile (there are fees for using the account regularly to flirt and interact). As Elaine from Seinfeld discovered when she really “needed a square.” But if you are a foodie, we guess you can set clear boundaries from the get-go about when or if your date is permitted to stick their fork into your entrée or yummy cheesecake for a bite.

But seriously, this could be the site for you if you want someone to hang out with at the dog park on a Saturday afternoon.The Pew Research Center discovered that 11% of adults in the U. On the Farmers site you’ll see the motto “City Folks Just Don’t Get It.” If you prefer making jam to being in traffic jams or your idea of owning a pet is having a horse or maybe a goat, then this is certainly the place for you!It makes sense people who live on farms would want to find that right match.Here you’ll find people living in the country – not “just” farmers – who are seeking others who live there or who want to enjoy that specific type of lifestyle.The thought of marrying a millionaire for some may bring to mind that popular Marilyn Monroe movie, where 3 pretty girls on-the-town try to snag eligible bachelors with little to no success.The American Farm Bureau Federation ® states that nearly 97% of American farms are operated by families, individuals or families running businesses – so a single farmer would want to find someone who believed in their big dreams as much as they did.

Some people can’t breathe without being within 3 city blocks of their favorite espresso place – and they can keep their city living ways to themselves.

Sometimes it is easier to date someone who has experienced the same things you have. That number is expected to increase to 18 million by 2022.

The American Cancer Society reports there are 13.7 million cancer survivors in the U. We’ve already mentioned how many single people are in America, so it is logical to expect there are cancer survivors among the group.

It’s kind of like getting accepted to your 1st choice house on the 1st day of rush week. Diane Lane made singles especially laugh in the 2005 comedy Must Love Dogs, when she tried online dating and hoped to find a fellow dog lover and found a whole heck of a lot else.

But now there is actually a site dedicated just for people who own dogs.

Whether you like Indian food, sushi, Italian food or always eat gluten-free, you’ll find someone who wants to eat a meal with you.