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Dirk nowitzki dating black woman

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Color or race for me never really mattered, and that’s also the beauty of sports.Nowitzki and Olsson were married in July 2012 with traditional wedding ceremonies in Germany and Kenya.

To no surprise, the free-spirited, comical and fun-loving German relaxed, danced to African music and even had an encounter with a helpless goat.“Her mom threw a wedding party and that’s where some of those photos came from where I had the outfit on with a hat on,” Nowitzki, who loves Kenyan stews and barbecue, said. I’ve never, obviously, been a part of anything like that, the dances, the whole experience, the tradition of a wedding down there. We want our kids to meet some of their cousins, so we try to go down there every summer.It feels great in any case, we wait for what will come of it.The NBA star popped the question on Valentine’s Day this year and Hello Beautiful is reporting that the two tied the knot in Kenya this weekend.Olsson’s mother has died since the wedding, but there are still a lot of family members in Kenya whom the Nowitzkis want their kids to know.“This past summer we stayed like two weeks,” Nowitzki said. Upon his NBA retirement, the Nowitzkis are expected to reside primarily in Dallas. Are they going to run into a cop one of these days? That’s something for sure that’s in the back of your mind, but eventually educate them the right way and keep teaching them how to respond.“You react to authority when somebody speaks to you, like teachers, parents or whoever.Olsson has been living in Dallas for about a dozen years and has lots of friends and some family there, too. You have to educate them early enough so they know, this is a person, the higher authority, you need to show them some respect.”Nowitzki recalls his father playing “no games” with him as a child and having a belt hanging over a lamp if needed for discipline.“Everybody that’s met my wife has said she’s great with me. I’m sure there’s some people that think of it to themselves.

But, I’ve never heard it to my face.”“Growing up in Germany, and basketball,” he said. I played with the national team where half of my teammates were from Yugoslavia.

Payment of a dowry is an old African tradition used to demonstrate the groom’s ability to provide for his bride. Maybe we’ll get a house down there …“We don’t want them to just grow up [in Dallas]. We want to show them different cultures, different languages so they can grow up, become educated and make educated decisions when they’re older on where they want to live, what they want to do.”The NBA and the National Basketball Players’ Association hosted the first NBA game in Johannesburg on Aug. Nowitzki wanted to play, but didn’t because he was previously committed to attend a friend’s wedding as best man.

In the past, Kikuyu weddings included a dowry payment by the grooms of cows, goats, honey, green bananas and/or traditional brews. The Nowitzki family has quickly grown, as they now have three children, a girl and two younger boys. The plan is for the Nowitzki children to spend time in Kenya and Germany yearly to learn their heritage. Several sources expect another NBA exhibition game to take place in Africa this summer. Nowitzki is now 38 years old and in the twilight of his projected Hall of Fame career.

In Kenya, they had a Kikuyu wedding where the community learns that the daughter is engaged and relatives from both sides get to intermingle before it concludes with a “ruracio” (dowry payment) discussion.

The bride wore a traditional Kikuyu garment while the groom was in a dark brown traditional outfit with orange hues.

Dirk was engaged to a black woman before named Cristal Taylor.