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Adele Helps Fan With Surprise Marriage Proposal At Adele's show in Melbourne, Australia, a fan popped the question to his boyfriend while the crowd cheered.

NBC’s Indra Petersons reports from the Orange Room.Wheel of Fortune's ' Naked’ Fail Goes Viral A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant epically blew a game when only the letter “M” was missing from the title “A Streetcar Named Desire.” The contestant guessed “K” instead of “M,” and internet hilarity ensued. The 7-year-old dubbed “the next Einstein” is showing off his smarts and he’s right on the mark. His parents, Cheri and Romanieo Sr., knew early on their only son was special when, at age 2, he was discussing chemistry at breakfast.Stars Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions 'Life' stars Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal answer the Internet's most searched questions about themselves. Rare Early Footage of the White House Emerges Researchers have found what are believed to be the earliest color films of the White House grounds and of President Herbert Hoover. Boy With Vitiligo Meets His Dog Soulmate Carter Blanchard's mom says for a while, her son didn't want to go to school, ashamed of his rare skin disease.We offer you the possibility to date hetero, gay or lesbian partners, but the individual groups don't interfere with each other even though they are part of the same website.And don't forget, you can try it for free whenever you want!Orlando (FL) Glendale (AZ) Minneapolis (MN) Oakland (CA) Fresno (CA) Saint Petersburg (FL) Portsmouth (VA) Anaheim (CA) Wichita (KS) Baton Rouge (LA) Birmingham (AL) Phoenix (AZ) Bakersfield (CA) Raleigh (NC) Detroit (MI) Lincoln (NE) Houston (TX) Baltimore (MD) Rochester (NY) Chicago (IL) Freeport (MN) Arona (PA) Russellville (SC) Guaynabo (PR) Chickamauga (GA) Taylor (PA) Snyder (TX) Lebanon (GA) Keene (VA) Hancock (VT) Arthur (NE) San Pablo (CA) Hathaway (MT) Sartell (MN) Algoma (MS) Papaikou (HI) Glenbrook (NV) Curran (MI) Phillips (NE) Evanston (WY) California state Arizona state West Virginia state Nebraska state Georgia state Hawaii state New Hampshire state Minnesota state Online dating is one of the most common ways of finding love.

In our fast-paced world there isn't always time to go out and mingle unfortunately, but to find love one has to date.

By continuously monitoring our site we are quick to disable the profiles of any possible scammers.

All this to make your searching experience safe and easy.

They were both diagnosed in August 2015 with vitiligo, a harmless auto-immune disease that causes a lack of pigment in certain areas of the skin.

Bear Gets Big Scare From Unlikely Source A hungry bear cub searching for food popped its head around a corner and ran into a man. Credit: Nine Caribou Productions via Storyful 8 Babies Who Can Sleep Anywhere Do you ever wish that you could fall asleep anywhere you wanted to?

Both men were clearly emotional and got big hugs from the star herself.