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Ingrid Bergman kissing Cary Grant in Notorious is also good to watch.The hotel room scene where she tries to seduce him with kisses is a great example of what to do with your lips when getting into a make-out session.

Because of his kissing skill, you’ll see a lot of close-ups of him locking lips with his leading ladies.If your tongue is so hard it can push buttons, the other person might retract.If he/she pulls back, you’re probably not being sensitive to touch and feel.If you don’t know what to do with it, move your tongue around his/hers as if you’re writing the first five letters of the alphabet.But make sure you’re not writing with the tip of your tongue. Go around your partner’s tongue is if his/her tongue is the center of each letter. From pressing your lips against your partner’s to tongue play, you want to non-verbally create a connection. If your partner’s tongue is mushy, make yours mushy.Believe me, as long as your head doesn’t bobble as if hitting a bump in the road, your partner won’t be thinking bobble head unless of course he or she reads this article, too.

Once you’re lips have locked, which can be a half-second quick, you can open your mouth more and use your tongue.

And don’t continually kiss with your entire tongue inside the other person’s mouth.

That might be fun for a little bit, but kissing like that the whole time? Instead, use your tongue to feel the other person’s.

Of course, you want her to also be responding to and reflecting you as well.

It’s so unromantic seeing a guy’s mouth when it looks like a bat coming in for a kill. Don’t poke his/her mouth with your tongue unless you’re playing.

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