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Intimidating the police

Intimidation is committed when someone threatens another person with the intent to either make them commit an act, or omit the commission of an act.

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This intimidation and harassment eventually led to casseroles dwindling out.Although the protests are long over, two protesters are still stuck in the expensive and irrelevant legal apparatus even though their actions would fall into the “lawful” protest the police say they support.Repression is a common tactic when struggles are gaining momentum.As much as I would love to trash his failed analysis of the DTES I think I could just sum it up as him being a class enemy and a capitalist.The VPD were unfortunately successful at dismantling the casseroles momentum in Vancouver. This is not the time to get disenchanted with the struggle. Their opinions are largely constructed by capitalist media, which will always denounce anything not in the economic interests of the owners, managers and clients of the capitalist media.More specifically,last june the police targeted and arrested the people they assumed to be the organizers and the more militant protesters.

The form of repression chosen by the VPD included a bunch of arrests at a couple marches, including a particularly awesome march where the Cambie Street Bridge was blockaded.

The cops pull out all the stops to make the arrests as intimidating as possible, though nearly all arrests made in this way never lead to convictions.

It is important to remember the cops will lie and use your words against you.

They found four men inside an apartment, including Matthew Coleman, 36, who was described as “hostile” when police encountered him.

Coleman took a knife out of his pocket and went into a defensive stance, according to court documents.

If Grossutti had been sprayed, you can guarantee the picketers would find themselves in quite a pickle.