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Laurelton 1963 ps 182

laurelton 1963 ps 182-44

Some of my friends were Charles Berger, Farrell Brickhouse, Stanley Bellis, Bruce Friedman, Sandy Kreger, Bruce Friedman and his brother Roy, The Twins, Paul and David Ross, Howard Wells, Steven Liebowitz, whose father became my stepfather after my father died, Anthony Salerno, David Weiss, Phillip Towger, etc., etc. The attached house block where all the kids came to play.

The original station house was built in connection with the Laurelton Land Company, and the tracks were laid below ground with a floral arrangement on the embankment spelling out the community's name.I have lived and work all over the world and I can say no place has touched the ‘glow” of Laurelton.In some regards Laurelton in the 60’s was like a Jewish ghetto and life centered on the Laurelton Jewish Center or the JCH or for that matter the Chinese restaurant.Service is provided by Far Rockaway and Long Beach branches and 1 weekend westbound overnight Babylon train.Laurelton Station was originally built in April 1907.The station is at 225th Street and 141st Road and has an eight-car island platform between the two tracks.

There are enclosed waiting rooms and ticket vending machines on street level.

Laurelton is a station on the Long Island Rail Road's Atlantic Branch, in the Laurelton neighborhood of Queens, New York.

It is 14.9 miles (24.0 km) from Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan.

I have called the district office multiple times, they always want to know if your child is in danger, YES EVERYDAY.

Where are those of us who stood on the platforms of Laurelton and Rosedale stations and waited for the Long Island Railroad to take us to school? Where are those of us, who had our own culture, the culture of P. 156, and Merrick Road, later to become Merrick Blvd? One of my key employees now lives in Laurelton and it is great to go back.

What happened to those of us who made the choice to go to Far Rockaway and opt for the train instead of the bus to Andrew Jackson High School, thus sublimating ourselves to the overwhelming culture of the Rockawayites? The stores are different but the houses look the same. Kids would come from all over to try to play in one of our games.