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Million jobs speed dating

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With the success of the inaugural event, Interns ME plans to host regular speed interview events in future.Seven startups, which have been established for around a year, met with Ogilvy & Mather staff as well as some of its clients.

Yousef Ahmad Hamza, a partner at Envestors investment company, interviewed more than 100 people during the three-hour event."Although it is time consuming, it is probably the best way to interview people because I can tell within the first hello and handshake if that person is the right one for us," he said.He was impressed by a handful of people but did have a few whom he asked to leave after they had made a poor first impression."However, I think the people we invited told their friends about it, so we had many more people turn up, probably close to 400." The thinking behind the event was to give an opportunity to graduates and employers alike to meet face-to-face rather than graduates anonymously sending out CVs, he said."You can see that there is talent in the UAE but that it is a tremendously competitive environment and you need to stand out from the crowd if you want companies to notice you," Mr Gauthier said.Although there are more opportunities in Dubai, she said, it was a much more competitive environment here compared with Lebanon.

Ms Al Khoury had interviews with Kcal, Aramex and Sephora and was hopeful of a positive outcome.

Eager candidates, some of whom had arrived an hour early, stood around desks waiting their turn to have a speed interview with prospective employers.

Stephanie Al Khoury, 25, from Lebanon, who graduated from the Lebanese University in Beirut with a BA in banking and finance, was hunting for a job in marketing or sales.

Ogilvy & Mather has invested in Collider and so has access to its startup portfolio and upcoming new businesses.

Here’s what Campaign picked up from the morning: It may sound like a bit of a cliché in business but quick meetings mean that everyone gets straight to the point.

Roland Daher, from Wamda, a company that supports entrepreneurs, believes more should be done by universities to prepare graduates for the world of work.