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The strong criticism of aspects of abortion law comes amidst increasing political debate about the issue, with Labour, the Green Party and Act Party all calling for change.Aside from an 18-month break, the committee had been involved in litigation since 2004.While those cases have eventually been won, the outdated wording in the legislation had left the door open to expensive and time-consuming legal challenges, Aldred said."The door has been opened to some extent to those kind of challenges, which have tied up the committee's time and resource because the language of the Act reflects the prevailing medical circumstances in the 1970s and not in 2016." Dame Linda said the redrafting request was modest.Asked by Labour's Jacinda Ardern if the committee had a view on whether abortion remaining under the Crimes Act should be reviewed as part of the redraft, she said it held no opinion on that question.The Moto Z Play is the more 'affordable' version of the flagship Moto Z modular smartphone that's sold for S$699, but what is the its value as a mainstream smartphone in a competitive market segment?

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And I think it is 2017 and we should have legislation that enables women to make choices about their own bodies.

But I don't think the committee should lead that discussion." Asked if she would introduce a private member's bill, Logie said none would pass before the election and the national conversation would probably happen after September's election.

However, he will not commit to introducing legislation if in Government; Labour policy is for the law to first be reviewed by the Law Commission.

On the weekend, English, a practising Catholic, told TVNZ's Q A programme he did not think the law needed to be modernised, saying it had "stood the test of time".

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