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Nick jonas talks about dating

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In the last couple of years, Jonas has worked hard to reintroduce himself to the world.

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Related: Nick Is FINALLY Coming Out With That Naked Thriller That Got Teased Last Year!“I was preoccupied with that shit.” The brothers rode the high highs and the low lows until they finally split in 2013, after a 2010 hiatus, to explore solo projects.It was difficult and emotional for all of them, Jonas says, but he acknowledges that “it would have ended badly if we hadn’t ended it when we did.” He looks exactly as I expected him to.By the time Jonas was a teenager, he already had a career that working actors could only fever-dream about: being discovered in a hair salon when he was 6 years old, performing on the Broadway stage, and starring in a series of Disney TV shows and the movie franchise.Of course, he was also one-third of the mass hysteria-inducing boy band Jonas Brothers, with brothers Kevin and Joe. It was also excellent training for what I’m doing now,” he says.In the parking lot of Pinches Tacos, he tells his bodyguard we’re going to Bar Marmont, like he’s checking in with his dad, and we jaywalk across a strangely deserted Sunset Boulevard. Twenty-four hours earlier, all my notions about Nick Jonas were rooted in nostalgia for his Disney years and further complicated by his current breakout, a three-tiered career track that has him dabbling in acting, singing, and producing, seemingly trying out all the professional hats a 23-year-old megastar could. Maybe because he’s quieter, more reserved, even a tad world-weary.

A bit later, over our second or third round of drinks, I ask him if he ever feels trapped. Tonight, he seems to want to break out of that mold, too, and be a touch more spontaneous, which means talking about dating, drinking tequila, and abandoning his bodyguard, with permission, of course.

Without naming any names, the talk show host goes right in on her guest. The two have been spotted out numerous times together since September -- they hit up Disney World in Orlando and had brunch together the following day in Miami.

"I am dating," the mother-of-two teases while sporting a shy smile. The 36-year-old even attended the ex-Disney star's concert at the House of Blues while in Florida. Jonas also was asked in an interview with Complex magazine last month whether he had sex with Hudson. "We had an unbelievable connection as two humans who just admire things about each other, and see something in each other that’s beautiful. She’s amazing." Check out the clip above to see Kate squirm when she's talking about the rumors -- plus, see her get a big scare!

Still, though he spent his teen years in an invisible cage, watched by millions of other teens everywhere, Jonas insists that things were pretty normal for the most part (except dating Miley and Selena).

In truth, his life felt like it was fractured in two: There was Real Teen Nick, and then there was Disney Nick. What was real to Jonas was all the IRL teen drama he let into his life: the angst about girls, hormones, growing up—the usual.

And as far as me, Nick, as a person, I feel the most free.” We tipsily clink our glasses: “Here’s to free Nick,” we say, toasting his liberation.