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Nimila sixi

Foster social awareness and support for disability rights of visually impaired youth by providing inclusive educational and recreational programs that encourage students to explore and pursue career goals.

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Encourage children of incarcerated partents to complete their college education and transform the societal taboo of having an incarcerated parent by delivering financial support and mentorship.They are tackling diverse problems, from all different angles—from advancing women's rights and gender equality in Afghanistan to educating children living in urban slums in Kenya to workforce development in Detroit.Meet the Finalists and congratulate them—not just for making it this far, but for holding such deep commitment for driving social change.The Mumbai-based custodian released on Wednesday a payment of Rs 2,195 crore (Rs 21.95 billion), seized from the sale of Harshad Mehta's assets to the Income Tax department and the State Bank of......Panjaa, releasing on December 9, is Pawan Kalyan's second release this year.Reduce recidivism and increase job-readiness for formerly incarcerated youth by using food trucks to employ and teach transferable job and leadership skills to young people leaving the adult criminal justice system.

Foster a more effective, innovative, and participatory public sector by bringing together, supporting and investing in people and organizations with new or different ideas to solve local challenges.

Disrupt traditional banking systems in disadvantaged communities by creating an entrepreneur-driven “crowd banking" platform that provides financing solutions for women and youth entrepreneurs.

Support racial justice and human rights movements led by communities of color by providing grassroots organizations with legal support, strategic partnerships and representation in organizing campaigns.

access to clean energy for off-grid households and increase crop yields for small-holding farmers in rural India by building and deploying decentralized waste-to-energy plants that sequester carbon through a micro-franchise model.

Expand the innovation potential of frontline educators by partnering with schools, districts, and organizations to enable innovative educators to redesign classrooms, schools, and systems.

Unlock the entrepreneurial potential of unemployed formerly incarcerated individuals and at-risk teens in Detroit by providing skilled artisan training, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities.