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Let’s not waste our time on this issue.” Unity on the essentials of the gospel does not and should not lead to the conclusion that other biblical teachings are inconsequential.

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Those in the pews are also struggling with drinking too much.“In my opinion, the bible (sic) does not prohibit the use of alcohol, but it does prohibit drunkenness and intoxication,” Noble wrote to his congregation of 18 years.“I never had a problem drinking alcohol socially, but in the past year or so I have allowed myself to slide into, in my opinion, the overuse of alcohol.About a third of Americans (36%) who identified as evangelical said they sometimes drank alcohol, with adults who attend church once a week or more less likely to drink at all (38%) than those who attend once or twice a month (53%), only on religious holidays (55%), or rarely (59%).The Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA) offers a repository of similar statistics: Noble’s termination could stir up debate again in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), with which New Spring is affiliated, according to Baptist Press.I can imagine someone saying to Baptists in the 16 century: “let’s not dispute the matter of baptism.

After all, there are many people to be reached with the gospel.

Such friendly discussions are important, and I hope it should prove helpful to clarify why I think Noble’s reasons fail to persuade.

Let me begin by summarizing Pastor Noble’s reasons for thinking that women can preach.

The SBC’s most recent resolution on alcohol came in 2006, when the convention voted overwhelmingly to exclude Southern Baptists who drink from the convention’s boards and committees.

After Noble was fired, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary president Paige Patterson reposted an essay on how alcohol consumption is not “God’s ideal for the believer.” In 2013, Global Plus editor David Briggs noted that fast-growing Presbyterian Church USA congregations are more likely to prohibit smoking and drinking alcohol than they used to be.

He was addressing congregants upset that he was terminated on July 1 after a year of struggling with alcohol abuse.