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Pushing up roses dating

The Belikov family takes a liking to Rose and accept her as their own.She becomes great friends with Viktoria Dimitri's sister, and meets the famous Zmey, a mobster Moroi who deal in illicit business.

After Janine accidentally punches her, she confides in Dimitri that she believes it was on purpose.They then sleep together (Rose losing her virginity) for the first time and, afterward, he promises her that he will find a way for them to be together.On the way back to the Academy, they are attacked by Strigoi and he sends her to go and get help.However, once there, she forgets about Lissa and she almost slept with Dimitri until he removes her necklace, revealing it as a lust charm (placed by Victor after Natalie notices their attraction to each other).Dimitri says that Rose would be an asset on the rescue mission because of the bond.On the way back from Court, Dimitri is worried when Rose begins yelling to "make them go away." She confesses that she has been seeing ghosts and is forced to see a counsellor.

During field experience, Dimitri attacks Rose, feigning Strigoi, and she wins, making him proud of her.

When he defends Janine they end up arguing until she passionately kisses him.

Dimitri stops her, warning her never to do that again. Rose is later heard to learn from Janine that Dimitri has a relationship with Tasha and might be leaving to be both her guardian and her lover.

She goes for a walk outside where she meets Dimitri who is patrolling campus.

She overhears Dimitri and Alberta discussing Victor's trial.

Dimitri and Rose both leave on the rescue mission but Dimitri is caught by Nathan and turned into a Strigoi. She then chooses Dimitri over Lissa and leaves the Academy to travel to Baia (Dimitris home town in Russia) to kill him, knowing that was what he would want.