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Quicken 2016 not updating transactions

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Checks or debit transactions not downloaded to Quicken (this process should be done automatically with the update option).It will duplicate deposits without a review match by it. Now that I know the mistake patterns I no longer spend hours on one account reconcilation.

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When performing a "one-step update", a dialog box "Enter Intuit ID Password" now occurs. I think you're describing what happened to me a few days ago with Q2015, but I honestly wasn't paying too much attention.Reconciling my main bank account which has many transactions is a nightmare.I can spend hours trying to find the mistakes and they are always mistakes made by Quicken.I have been using Quicken software along with Wells Fargo Express Web Connect for many, many years.I upgraded to Quicken Deluxe 2014 and since..been frustrated with spotty/not functioning communication between Wells Fargo and Quicken.However, I still have to go through every transaction until I find the missing one, or duplicate one.

My investment dividends and stock splits are sometimes a problem and are not always accurate. Even with the issues I still like Quicken more than Quickbooks or MINT.

I have money in too many places, Schwab, Fidelity, Vanguard, Ameritrade and that does not include all the bank accounts.

I am planning on consolidating my accounts later this year.

As with all online banking and personal finance aggregation programs, diligent monitoring and the use of text alets is advised. For years, transactions download is between your computer and your bank, no middleman. Automatic download works with only a few known FIs. Never had to enter it before and will not do it now. So long quicken. ... in-quicken Let It Ride,I face the same problem when I installed the Quicken 2016 yesterday.

I too find the periodic request for the Intuit password off putting. Starting from Q14, they used quicken servers to download from your banks. Are you ok with giving your bank credentials and your financial transactions to a commercial software company? Most likely you have to manually download the QFX/OFX files, and import them yourself. I fixed the problem by manually updating the Quicken 2016. Klang Fool I switched to Quicken once Money was discountinued.

Intuit supports the current and two previous versions of Quicken software.