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I charge $120-$150 per hour; if they are a rapid dating customer, I charge less. Renee’s book created the path for me to find the love of my life.

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Then a bell rings and you move to the next person, then the next person.I will tune up people’s homes and create love environments. I create love scripts for people in different dating situations; for people who don’t know what to say.Guys often think, “Once I meet a girl, I’ll fix up my place,” but it’s actually the reverse. Rapid dating is the ultimate way for people to connect.You need to be able to keep up with technology because it changes minute by minute, it’s an ongoing business.You really have to know about communication, psychology and personality traits.The Learning Annex called and asked me to replace him.

Pretty soon I was doing cable TV shows and got hired to host “Men Across America,” a cable show.

It’s really cool because there is no rejection and it’s the quickest way to meet a lot of people in your community without having to do the internet dating thing – looking up pictures and going on bad blind dates – there’s no long term commitment and it’s a lot of fun.

I was a hair dresser and then a wedding consultant for my father’s catering business.

She also introduced us to the world of Rapid Dating, her version of speed dating.

If you’ve ever wondered what speed dating is, or what makes a good speed dating question, don’t miss this interview with an experienced relationship advice guru.

If any two people have a mutual interest for business fun, friendship or romance, then they write each other’s name down on a card.