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Some people really do need less than that, but this amount should be the goal to get the full restorative effects of a good night’s sleep.

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Stress, anxiety, depression, lack of energy, an inability to focus, susceptibility to illness, and even weight gain are all signs and symptoms of a body suffering from lack of sleep.In extreme cases, a lack of sleep can trigger depression, mania, paranoia and impulsive behavior.These kinds of psychological effects can take a toll on your performance at work, at school, in social situations and in the bedroom.Studies have also found that not getting enough sleep can have an effect on the size of your waist as well.Sleep deprivation is considered on of the risk factors for obesity for a few reasons.Both obesity and Type 2 diabetes put you at higher risk of developing cardiovascular problems and neurological problems, which may include erectile dysfunction and a lower libido.

The Science of Napping There may be a scientific reason why we humans can benefit from naps.

This sleep pattern does not appear to be a natural sleep pattern for humans, especially since more than 85% of our mammal relatives sleep differently.

Most mammals are polyphasic sleepers, which means they sleep for short periods of time throughout the day. Young children frequently take naps, with the length of time decreasing as they age, and naps are usually ended by the time they enter first grade, sometimes sooner.

Naps are for children, or at least that’s what our busy modern culture wants us to believe.

That same life of hectic schedules and multi-tasking is also plagued by a general lack of sleep.

In addition, lack of sleep and its side effects can affect your life in very specific ways.