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Also, if you are interested in the rich, uniquely American history of exploitation films, there are two excellent books on the subject: "Forbidden Fruit - The Golden Age of the Exploitation Film", Felicia Feaster and Bret Wood, Midnight Marquee Press, 1999. What do you know about him from your reading not movies.I grantee to you that if you know him well, you will never accept such words about him .

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You can surf this I have a BFI collection called The Birds and the Bees I'm fond of, compiled out of old sex education films.Apparently none of the three can remember how the fight started but nathan went ballistic and stabbed Nathans bed with a kitchen knife and broke a mirror.Inevitably Caleb had a dislocated shoulder, and wasnt supposed to play the guitar for nine months but within a week he was at work on "sex on fire". I read in the April issue of Rolling Stone that Caleb actually wrote this song after this insane fight between himself, Jared, and Nathan.Well now that I'm an old codger and my sex life is almost non-existent i guess i can relax and tell kids to not be "friendly".. Much like the "War on Drugs" of today, it met with varied degrees of success and failure.It did provide much information about syphilis demographics, and allowed health officials a chance to inform an otherwise prudish population about a sexually transmitted disease.Producer Dwain Esper was also behind (as director) the 'so bad it's brilliant' Maniac and (as producer) Reefer Madness, which in spite of its modern cultdom is a merely awful film in spite of some amusing moments, shapeless, hectoring and sluggish.

This is actually a suprisingly competent and pacy, entertaining affair despite the lack of care which has gone into it. There's a guy playing a medical expert in this film - the "If this is not stopped, mankind is bound for a new age of darkness" one, who I'm almost sure is also in an identical role in one of my BFI flicks. The orchestral excerpts popping up from time to time are from the first movement of Bruckner's Symphony No.8.

Pretty much all of them prior to the '60s are pro-abstintence efforts, and though this film uses the format mainly to target an adult audience, it plays as an extended take on any of those shorts in my collection.

There's a cosy, nostalgic value in these old films, even if they're as somewhat hamfisted as this one.

JESUS SAYS, HE FULFILLS ALL THE PROPHETS, INCLUDING THE PROPHET ISAIAH, AND ISAIAH 2:4. A Young Mans Fancy Turns To Spring..(Bed Springs..! I remember watching "the magic bullet" it's the story of dr. Prior to the discovery of Penicillin, STD's were treated with medicine that contained mercury, it must have been pretty awful taking that stuff.

I HAVE NO DESIRE TO SEE THIS FILM, AND MOST WAR MOVIES I DON'T LIKE TO WATCH. I don't think penicillin came into wide spread use until the 1940's.

All these years of getting laid and even becoming a grandpa i never knew that being "friendly" would make my dick fall off. everything2 on syphilis in the 1930s) First, an examination of the Chicago Syphilis Control Program.