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Freud who was forced to flee, had been awarded the Goethe Prize for his contribution to German literary culture.Going back further in time, Jewish Walter Rathenau was Foreign Minister.

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(The chettis are described as “a Tamil trading caste”.) Again, one wonders, “So what? ” Yes, it is important because we make it important.Leading a peaceful life, with friends in the wider community, many were unable to accept reality and flee the land of their birth.Altering words from The Bible (St Mark ), seeing, they did not perceive; hearing, they were unable to understand.“In 1925-6, when Bandaranayake, as leader of the Progressive National Party, set out the case for a federal political structure for Sri Lanka and made this the main plank of the political platform of his party, he received no support for it from the Tamils”: K M De Silva, p. In the 1930s, the Jaffna Youth Congress rejected federalism. Those who remained Buddhists were too often ashamed to acknowledge it.(They looked not look to Tamil Nadu but to Gandhi and Nehru.) They persuaded almost all the leading schools in Jaffna to teach Sinhala as a compulsory subject. Suntheralingam of Vavuniya argued for a separate (Tamil) state in the early 1950s, he was indulgently laughed at by most Tamils who saw it as the eccentricity of a brilliant mind. In the Courts I was sometimes saddened to see in the witness box Buddhists pretending to be Christians, and taking their oaths on the Bible.New roads and buildings; social and cultural activities camouflage fundamental injustice and present the appearance of normality, indeed of progress. My friend, like Mr Duleepkumar, lamented the large number of “Sinhalese friends from our past who so enriched our lives but, when it came to the crunch, disappointed us”.

The disappointment was because (1) they had succumbed to prevailing hegemonic ideas, abandoning earlier principles and ideals.

(For “rest” one could substitute words such as be “indifferent”, “uncaring” or “inactive”.) A friend now settled in Perth, Australia, observed that injustice, when it is prolonged, comes to be seen and accepted as normal.

Time transforms the abnormal into what comes to be seen as normal: for example, the Chinese occupation of Tibet.

In this connection, I cite from Page 19 of my Public Writings on Sri Lanka, Volume 2: Professor Yasmine Gooneratne (born Bandaranayake; a niece of S W R D Bandaranayake) suggests in her Relative Merits: A Personal Memoir of the Bandaranaike Family of Sri Lanka that the family name may have come from a Tamil officer, Neela Perumal, made high priest of the Temple of the god Saman, and in 1454 ordered to take the name of Nayaka Pandaram, that is, Chief Record Keeper.

With time, the name changed to Pandara Nayaka, and thence to the present Bandaranayake.

(By coincidence, 1492 also marks another calamity, far greater in scope and permanent in effect, namely, the discovery of America by Columbus, and the subsequent plunder, dispossession and death of the native populations.) “Denial” in ordinary usage means asserting that a statement or allegation is not factual but in psychology, as traced by Sigmund Freud, it is a mechanism in which a person faced with an uncomfortable or unpleasant fact, either rejects it completely or minimises, denying the degree of seriousness.