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Updating family tree maker

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Without boring you with all the details of 5 marathon sessions with Premium Support, I can summarize it by simply saying that after a few stop-gap measures, I was forced to undertake a thorough, clean factory re-install.Fortunately, I’ve been running cloud backups for several years.

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Sometimes I’d jump in as early as possible and other times I’d wait a month or so as I had learned that getting the bugs out was an important part of software development.That file now has 43,893 individuals and a proportionate amount of media. In December of 2015, when Ancestry announced that they were going to discontinue FTM altogether, the leading family history software — just bury it in the backyard. Two months later on February 2nd, Ancestry announced that they’d changed their minds and would instead sell this wonderful old brand to Software Mac Kiev.And as the developer of the Mac versions of FTM for the six years before that, “Mac Kiev was absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to take the wheel,” said Jack Minsky, President of Software Mac Kiev. ” Lots of articles were written on alternatives and there was lots of handwringing from FTM faithful on what to do,” said Minsky.That part of the process included FTM 2014.1 which had been running flawlessly. Before the big meltdown, I had done some work in the “big” file with the upgrade but not with the update. I should mention here that I reinstalled FTM 2014.1 from the thumb drive that I purchased just in case what just happened, happened!In the meantime, I was made aware of an update to the upgrade. But when I tried to open the “big” file, I got an error message.I tried to open several of the other family trees and they opened with no problem.

I communicated with technical support through their chat application and had 2 differing solutions, neither of which worked.

Now, by way of explanation, my maternal lines extend to the Mayflower and dozens of others who arrived during the Great Migration, settling in Plymouth Colony and, later, Massachusetts Bay Colony and finally, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I’ve since discovered some very surprising ancestors that I’ve written about over the years.

Now during the waning days of December 2016, I began to experience some difficulty booting up the laptop, a relatively new Dell Inspiron running Windows 10 with 1T hybrid hard drive, 8G of ram and no outrageous peripherals.

It had always run flawlessly with all the data I have stored which takes up less than half of the capacity.

That problem went away until the day after New Years Day.