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Who is dating ginnifer goodwin

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(I mean the whole premise is farfetched, but I enjoyed it up until about the end of January, when I lost interest.) My favorite plotline was the dual one between kickass Snow White/single teacher Ginnifer Goodwin and Prince Charming/married amnesia victim Josh Dallas.

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[From The Daily Mail] Ginnifer announced a split with her then-fiance last May, so you might assume that there was plenty of time in between her breakup and when she hooked up with her costar.Complementary couple: Josh, 32, looked smart in dark jeans and a charcoal shirt that was rolled at the sleeves, while he sported shades over his eyes and scruffy facial hair now that their hit show Once Upon A Time has finished filming Fortunately, with filming not set to get underway for several months, they will have plenty of time to adjust to parenthood and enjoy quality bonding with their first child before the demands of their busy working schedules kick back in. But when we go out, they hold hands and show their affection and love for one another.The actress, 37, who voices the lead character in Disney’s , says thinking she was tired with her first pregnancy is “laughable now.” “Now I’m running after a toddler, working on a series and doing a press tour,” says the actress, who is expecting her second child, another boy, with her husband Josh Dallas this spring.In between indulging her pregnancy craving of “sweet and refreshing and wonderful” watermelon popsicles, Goodwin is doing her best to prep Oliver for his new role as big brother."Prior to dating Dallas, Goodwin was engaged to actor Joey Kern, while Dallas was married to British actress Laura Pulver in 2007, although they are currently separated.

This story might not get a lot of interest, but I have to say it made me squee a little. Update: This was before I learned all the details, please see below.) I used to watch “Once Upon a Time” until it got too farfetched for me.

So he just pushes his face into my belly and talks.” And although the arrival of the family’s new addition will bring late-night feeds and a shakeup in their sleep schedules, the mom-to-be insists she and Dallas wouldn’t have it any other way.

“My husband and I were talking the other day and saying, ‘Remember the days when we would just go to the movies and read a book and just take a nap?

Ginnifer Goodwin thought she was tired during her first pregnancy with 21-month-old son Oliver Finlay.

But that fatigue was nothing compared to the second time around.

So it looks like there was overlap in his marriage before he hooked up with Ginnifer.