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Who is dr dre dating

“Dre told his version of the story [in ‘Straight Outta Compton’] so I should have the right to tell my story.” [Dre strongly denies the abuse allegations and has threatened legal action against Sony, the producer of “Surviving Compton.”] Toussaint narrates “Surviving Compton,” in which she’s played by Rhyon Nicole Brown. “I think Suge is going to take the movie a lot better than Dre,” she says.

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Dre is a rapper, music producer and business mogul who has been in the public eye for more than two decades. Our sources close to Dre weren't the least bit surprised by the D. County District Attorney has already rejected the case for insufficient evidence. cops say they found NO gun on Dre after searching him Monday at his Malibu mansion. Dr Dre Girlfriend, Wife: Andre Romelle Young was born on February 18, 1965. Dre as he is professionally working as being the American rapper, record producer, and yet a talented entrepreneur.Furthermore, this celebrity is also working out to be the founder and current CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics.Andre Romelle Young Married Cassandra Joy Greene: In the year 1981, Andre Romelle Young got married with Cassandra Joy Green.

The couple had a son named Curtis Young who was born at the time when Andre Romelle Young was 16 years old and Greene was 15 years old.

So in my mind, in my little world I thought everybody knew. No, I didn’t see those comments but I heard people say, ‘You’re only doing it because you want to get back at him.’ My story is completely different from Dre’s. Who knows what our relationship will be after this movie but if they grew up, like I did and matured they would probably call me and be like, ‘You know…Ok, I’ll give you that.’ Do your children know the story? My son has lived it up until he was five years old.

movie was successful.’ I probably would have did if it wasn’t successful, if they would have asked me. I saw the trailer when it played but I haven’t seen the movie. Were you involved with the casting and choosing the girl who ultimately played you? Was there any discussion about whether or not they were going to keep your voice as it is, or were they going to try and skip over that? Her and Curtis Hamilton, I mean I coached those two like I was back in the ’80’s, girl. I said, ‘I just want you to get to know me, not Michel’le the singer. And then, here come Suge, Marcos ‘You talking to her, why you talking to her man? And people can think, ‘Well, let it go.’ It’s very hard to let it go especially when it’s still so open and we still see it and still nobody’s saying anything about it. Now, everybody’s marrying everybody who knows each other and having babies. What type of impact did those relationships have on your future relationships? Every time I meet a guy or if I approach a man, He’ll say my name is _______ and I’ll say my name is Michel’le, he forget he want to talk to me and starts going, ‘Oh my God, you sing that song. Dre and Suge and then ‘You know, I got this demo.’ So it’s been real work.

These kids weren’t even born when we were going through those shenanigans. I didn’t come from parents who told me they loved me. I guess I have to find somebody to hurt my feelings to write another “Something in My Heart.” So that’s about it, I hope you enjoy the film.

I have a single coming out, a very happy, very uplifting single called “Moonlight.” It’s a very happy song.

But soon the couple separated their ways by calling both of them as immature. Dre in Orange County Superior Court seeking with the amount of $5,000 of child support per month.