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Who is viggo mortensen dating 2016

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He publishes books—not just one or two every now and again, but consistently, through an actual publishing house he founded 15 years ago and continues to run.He’s a musician, but not in the way many actors dabble in music—he’s released 17 albums, including some collaborations with some outstanding musicians.

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Paste spoke with Mortensen recently about the role.Paste Magazine : This is such a striking film, and your striking performance is right at the center of it.But I was also so impressed with Matt Ross’ script.Read More Since The Lord of the Rings, Mortensen has shied away from blockbusters, instead opting for complex indies like A History of Violence and Eastern Promises, for which he received a lead actor Oscar nomination.Now he’s scored his second for Captain Fantastic, in which he plays a counterculture dad raising his six kids in the wilderness and resisting modern societal norms.I was very happy to represent today, and I have to say, a lot of people came up to me and said that they loved the movie, or they just watched it a couple days ago.

I wish they had watched it months ago, because maybe we would have an Original Screenplay nomination and who knows what else, but I think it’s just difficult for a lot of movies, for them to slip in there.

I was intensely relieved when I got to know the kids he’d found, in our final readings and in our boot camp for the movie, because I’d been concerned. We’ve got this great script, now let’s find six extraordinary young actors capable of speaking that dialogue and doing the things that they have to do in the movie.

Without that piece, you can only make a good movie, you can’t make a great one. And we have a really fine movie that people seem to really like.

He’s one of those actors whose presence alone can make you interested in a movie you wouldn’t otherwise think twice about. The actor—who brought life to Lalin in Carlito’s Way, to Caspar Goodwood in Portrait of a Lady, and to lead characters in three consecutive David Cronenberg films, and who may have been the only actor alive with enough weary gravitas to play Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy—stars in Matt Ross’ new film, Captain Fantastic, which was one of our favorite films from Sundance and opens this weekend.

In it he plays Ben, a recent widower who raises his six children in the woods, off the grid, on a steady diet of Noam Chomsky and survival skills.

He’s famously one of the most dedicated actors around to preparing for his roles and going to great lengths to uncover the performance the film requires.