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Windows plesk awstats not updating

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That's why Entry pages can be different than Exit pages.

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These error codes may indicate something is seriously wrong with the web server.However if you use AWStats as a CGI you can click on the "year" link to have a report for all the year.In such a report, period is a full year, so Unique Visitors are number of hosts that have made at least 1 hit on 1 page of your web site during the year. Think "session" here, say a unique IP accesses a page, and then requests three other pages within an hour.Visitors are tracked by IP address, so if multiple users are accessing your site from the same IP (such as a home or office network), they will be counted as a single unique visitor.The period shown by AWStats reports is by default the current month.Note 2: This number does not include technical header data size used inside the HTTP or HTTPS protocol or by protocols at a lower level (TCP, IP...).

Because of two previous notes, this number is often lower than bandwith reported by your provider (your provider counts in most cases bandwitdh at a lower level and includes all IP and UDP traffic).

All of the "pages" are included in the visit, therefore you should expect multiple pages per visit and multiple visits per unique visitor (assuming that some of the unique IPs are logged with more than an hour between requests) Pages: The number of "pages" viewed by visitors.

Pages are usually HTML, PHP or ASP files, not images or other files requested as a result of loading a "Page" (like js,css... Files listed in the Not Page List config parameter (and match an entry of Only Files config parameter if used) are not counted as "Pages".

All other codes generates hits and traffic 'not seen' by the visitor.

For example a return code 301 or 302 will tell the browser to ask another page.

The browser will do another hit and should finaly receive the page with a return code 200 and 304.