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Sarah was already there, it turns out it was also her birthday, the 25th. And thank you for putting together this fabulous group of people, writers, journalists, activists, all there to discuss the beauty and necessity of longform writing.

Or, from an ex-patriot to a re-patriot, even if I don’t feel very patriotic.

But there still is some truth to this name, Nora said, and laughed. In other words, shifted from an expatriate to a repatriate.

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Probably the most fascinating thing somebody told me in the last two days here in Cairo, the thing with the most far reaching implications, spanning the private and the political, the family and the state, regression and aggression and an overall unease with the way men are, was Nora who said that Egyptian men are so spoiled by their mothers, so doted upon, so smothered with love that they go through life expecting this to never end. There’s the losing-it smile, a brittle, bright smile that barely conceals a volcano’s worth of resentment.

It was hot, it was long, but what a great conversation we had.